Oil & Gas Law Riverton, WY

An Experienced, Competent Oil & Gas Lawyer Serving Fremont County, Wyoming And Beyond

Though other options are becoming more available, oil and gas are still two pillars of the U.S. economy. In Wyoming, they make up a huge part of the state’s revenue and are vital to keeping our communities healthy and thriving. Property owners and companies alike can benefit from our state’s rich reserves of this resource. At Schumacher Law Firm, we want to make sure that you are properly represented when it comes to oil and gas law in Wyoming.

John Schumacher has years of experience in dealing with oil and gas law issues, both in negotiations between two parties and in the courtroom. He can help you with issues related to: 

  • Property rights
  • Royalties and benefits
  • Regulation and legislation

With 31 years of experience, Schumacher Law Firm, P.C. in Riverton, Wyoming is well prepared to handle oil and gas law issues of any size or complexity.


Navigating The Laws Surrounding Oil & Gas in Wyoming

There can be many questions when it comes to oil and gas law. Who owns the rights to these resources? What is fair compensation and how can it be ensured? What kinds of things need to be done in order to comply with state and federal regulations?

John Schumacher can help you address all those questions and more. Since oil and gas resources can belong to anyone with property ownership (including private landowners, federal agencies, the state of Wyoming, a corporate entity, or a group of people), there is often arbitration and negotiation that needs to be done in order to open up that oil and gas for extraction. We can assist you in that arbitration to ensure you’re getting a fair deal, whichever side you may be on.

We can also help make plans to ensure that your operation is in compliance with state and federal regulations. It’s important to maintain a clean organization, and we want to help you do that to the best of our ability.