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John Schumacher

John Schumacher

Attorney at Law

Born in Janesville, Wisconsin

Resident of Fremont County, Wyoming since 1991.


Professional Memberships



Wyoming, 1993

District of Columbia, 1987

U.S. Supreme Court, 2006

Tenth Circuit Court Of Appeals, 1996

United States Court Of Federal Claims, 1990

Shoshone and Arapahoe Tribal Court

various pro hac vice admissions in California, Montana, and Oklahoma


Fremont County Bar Association

Wyoming State Bar

District of Columbia Bar

Wind River Bar Association

Administrative Agency Practice:

Department of the Interior

Wyoming Public Service Commission

Wyoming Water Development Commission

Fremont County Planning Commission

Environmental Protection Agency


Representation before federal and state legislatures


Community Involvement

Rotary Club of Lander.  Attorney Schumacher served as club president and board member.

Rotary Community Foundation of Lander.  Attorney Schumacher served as a board member.

Mr. Schumacher has served on the Lander Valley School District Board and the Lander Valley Education Foundation.

Holy Rosary Catholic Church.  John Schumacher is an active member of the Church and serves on the Parish Council.  Attorney Schumacher has worked extensively with its youth activities.


Practice Areas

Drunk Driving Accidents

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Industrial Accidents

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Maritime and Jones Act Claims

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Drunk Driving Accidents

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Industrial Accidents

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Maritime and Jones Act Claims

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“In Appreciation For Your Assistance Serving The Needy” from the Southwest Indian Foundation, Gallup, NM (1978).

“In Appreciation For Outstanding Work Beyond the Call of Duty” 1988-1991 from the Irataba Society, Parker, AZ.

Rotary Foiundation


Publications and Presentations


Wind River Litigation: “Decades In The Making”, CLE International, May 2, 2013.


Oil and Gas Development On The Wind River Reservation: Permitting and Regulatory Jurisdiction Matters, April 5, 1993.


Mineral Development On Indian Lands: Permitting and Regulatory Jurisdiction Matters, published in the Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Natural Resources Management &


Environmental Enforcement on Indian Lands Conference (1994)


Oil and Gas Development on the Wind River Reservation: Permitting and Regulatory Jurisdiction Matters, published in Oil and Gas and Other Resources of the Wind River Reservation, Wyoming Geological Association (1993)


An Introduction To Coalbed Gas Development On Indian Lands: Development Potential Ownership Rights, and Operational Issues, Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute, Institute On Coalbed Gas Development (1992)


University of Wyoming Big Horn Symposium (2014)


Settlement of Indian Reserved Water Rights Case, Western States Water Council and Native American Rights Fund, Third Symposium, (2013)


Perspectives of Legal Requirements, Developing Effective Working Relationships With Indian Tribes and Organization, Larry D. Keown & Associates, Thermopolis, WY (2001)


Relationships Between Tribes and States Managing Waters in Indian Country. Symposium on Indian Reserved Water Rights Claims, Portland, OR (1996)


Indian Child Welfare Act – Legal Issues, National Indian Preservation Conference,

Phoenix, AZ, (1995)


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Indian Water Rights, Wyoming Water Law Conference, Cheyenne, WY (1994)


Tribal Jurisdiction, Tribal Sovereignty Symposium, Wyoming Indian Affairs Council, Ethete, WY (1994)


Transactions Involving Tribal Lands, 2nd Annual ABA Section on Natural Resources, Energy, and Environmental Law Fall Meeting, San Antonio, TX (1994)


Permitting and Regulatory Jurisdiction, Wyoming Geological Association 50th Anniversary Field Conference, Casper, WY (1993)


Water Rights Management In Indian Country, Symposium: Settlement of Indian Reserved Water Rights Claims, Bismarck, N.D. (1993)


Instream Flow Implementation on Tribal Lands, Western Regional Instream Flow Conference, Jackson, WY (1992)


Indian Civil Rights Act Forum, Fort Washakie, WY (1992)


Tribal Taxation – A National Priority, Tribal Taxation, A Roundtable Discussion, Denver, CO (1991)


High School and University of Wyoming moot court judge.


Discussion session with University of Wyoming law students on issues involved in pending litigation between Wyoming and the Environmental Protection Agency.


American Bar Association. Planning Committee ABA’s 19th Annual Water Law Conference, San Diego, CA, 2001. Member of the Section on Natural Resources, Energy, and Environmental Law.


Reported Cases


I litigated water rights in the Big Horn Adjudication from 1991 to the early 2000s. The litigation involved thousands of defendants. The case involved individual claims and hearing on major jurisdictional issues. The various reported cases are: In re General Adjudication of all Rights to Use Water in the Big Horn River System, 803 P .2d 61 (Big Horn II), 835 P.2d 273 (Big Horn Ill), 899 P.2d 848 (Big Horn V), 48 P.3d 1040 (Big Horn VI), 85 P.2d 981 (Big Horn VII).

I litigated a breach of trust claim against the United States on behalf of Native Americans. I became involved in the case when it was about to be dismissed in 1991 after 15 years of litigation. I convinced the Court of Claims that the prior litigation involved only one of nine claims in the original complaint. The effort was successful and the case continued on for another two decades involving 500,000 plus records and resulting in payments to the client in excess of $90 million. The various reported cases are: Shoshone Indian Tribe of the Wind River Reservation, Wyo. v. United

States, 51 Fed. Cl. 60, 61 (200 I)


I represented an individual client on a tax matter appealed from a Wyoming State Board of Equalization decision. My firm was brought in during the Supreme Court appeal portion of the litigation after the client had appeared pro se before the board. The case involved the sufficiency of evidence before the Board and consideration of facts not formally in the record. The case is reported at Wyoming Dept. Of Revenue v. Calhoun, 981 P.2d 480 (Wyo. 1999).


I defended a governmental client in a civil rights action involving removal of a child from its home for protection. The case is reported at E.F. W v. St. Stephen’s Indian High School, 264 F.3d 1297 (10th Cir. 2001), and 51 F.Supp.2d 1217 (D.Wyo. 1999).


I was involved in tribal enrollment cases in both Wyoming and California. The cases involved the potential claims of hundreds of individuals.

The reported cases for the Wyoming proceedings are: Ordinance 59 Ass’n v. U.S.Dept. of Interior Secretary, 163 F .3d 1150 ( 10th Cir. 1998)( civil rights litigation), and 970 F.Supp. 914 (D.Wyo. 1997). The reported cases for the California proceedings are: Salinas v. LeMere, 131 Cal.App.4th 1059 (Ct.App. 4th Dist. 2005)


I worked on a proceeding involving the relative rights of the two tribes on the Wind River Reservation with respect to housing issues. The case is reported at Eastern Shoshone Tribe v. Northern Arapaho Tribe, 926 F.Supp. 1024 (D.Wyo. 1996).


Other reported cases in which I am listed as counsel, but was not lead attorney, include Bear Lodge Multiple Use Ass’n v. Babbitt, 2 F.Supp.2d 1448 (D.Wyo., Apr 02, 1998) (NO. 96-CV-063-D)(local counsel); Ramah Navajo Chapter v. Babbitt, 50 F.Supp.2d 1091 (D. N.M. 1999)(represented intervening claimant in class action).


  • 1982

    University of Southwestern Louisiana, B.A.

  • 1986

    Columbus School of Law, Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., Juris Doctor, 1986


John Schumacher

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